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Tercera Espada
Tercera Espada

The Moonlit Order
Your sin is your virtue


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Tercera Espada
Tercera Espada

The Gotei dedicates most of their efforts towards purifying souls and maintaining the delicate balance that holds the worlds together. It is made up of just about any spirit in soul society with the reiatsu required to fight. This means quite the wide array of people end up recruited into its ranks. Some are truly heroes and saviors, while others simply enjoy the high position being a soul reaper grants them in Rukongai. There are even "evil" cheaters and liars among its many troops. While it is generally a force of good, there are times when the Gotei face internal conflicts as it is impossible for them to weed out all the bad seeds.

When not dealing with troubles at home, the Gotei serves the will of the Captain Commander. They were once restricted to taking orders from a group known as Central 46, but the institution has long since been decommissioned, now giving full control and management of its network to the Captain Commander. The only individual’s the Captain Commander takes orders from are those who "retire" to join the Royal Guard, also known as the Zero Division.

The Gotei’s enforcement of law is strict and is governed into a free society of military prowess. Leaving those who wish to attain small jobs to do their part in peace and provide protection. While also conscripting and accepting most/all individuals who have the will to fight against the Gotei’s internal and external threats. Failure to comply with the Gotei’s enforcement of its law’s will result in imprisonment and in certain cases execution.

The Gotei’s laws disallow the association of enemy and friendly interaction unless it is in 1.) Best interest of the Gotei and its people. 2.) Political and/or Military matters. 3.)Mentioned towards a high ranking individual who can best pass the information along to prevent friendly casualties during espionage and/or sabotage operations.

Joining The Gotei:
Have you just gotten your shinigami approved? Well then you've come to the right place. Below is a list of all the currently held positions. If a position is blank that means an NPC holds it, but that NPC hasn't been created yet. But not so fast, before you obtain a position, you need to know what positions you're eligible for!

3-1 tier and below - Supporting force.
2-5 tier- Emergency VC.
2-3 tier- Vice Captain tier.
2-1 Tier- Vice Captain with Bankai, future Captain
1-4 Tier- Emergency Captain.
1-3 tier- Normal, new captain. You get the point.

A note: Vizards will be wearily accepted into the Gotei, however you must keep in mind that they will be given little freedom and only serve as weapons for the Gotei Wrath.

To Apply, simply state your characters name, Tier, and position they are applying for.

EXAMPLE: Johno/1-1/Vice-Captain of squad 6

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Captain Commander:
Personal Attendant of the Captain Commander:
Vice Captain:
Third Seat: Akane Makishima 2-2
Fourth Seat:
Fifth Seat:


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