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Tercera Espada
Tercera Espada

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NAME: Rodan
ALIAS: The Night Demon
REAL AGE: Unknown
PERSONALITY: Rodan appears to be a laid-back and nonchalant entity at first glance, but this interesting being hides his brutal, impulsive, excessively-violent personality. However, it may seem, Rodan has the intellect to figure out his opponents opening at a nick of time and quickly exploiting it to full use. And in addition to his intellect, he is cold, ruthless, and merciless who would steal or kill anything for what he wanted, regardless of the unnecessary collateral damage that would occur due to his actions.

Rodan has an absurd enthusiasm and blood-lust for battles, which he so likes. He prefers to engage in battles like an insane berserk-er, ignoring the damage inflicted upon him and trying his best to over-powers his enemies with sheer brute force. He simply loathes when his enemies looks down on him, and would not rest until they are down on the ground crushed into pieces. No matter how much time it took him.

On the other hand, Rodan is generally a quiet and solitary person that acts in a very aristocratic manner, except of course in battles when he gets over-excited. He always seems serene and apathetic towards other people even when he is actually deeply conflicted. It is to be noted that Rodan is also a very intelligent and logical, possessing a knack for controlling and manipulating others to abide by his own intentions. He does not rant or whine about things. He wants things to be in the calmest and peaceful position because it pisses him off when things start to get out of hand.

Lastly, when it comes to loyalties and allies; he doesn't give a fuck. Rodan is loyal to no cause as he believed that causes would always betray those who follow, instead, he prefers to work for whoever paid him the most.

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WEIGHT: 1 ton

BLEACH asdfghjkg Aoe_lo10

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General Fighting Style:  [How does your character prefer to fight? Are they a more ability-oriented combatant, or do they rely on their knowledge of martial arts in combat? Do they know some special combat styles, or do they have an uncommon weapon - basically anything but a sword? Do they rely on stealth and speed, or are they defensive fighters, who keep their distance? What range do they prefer, and how they act when faced with an opponent of higher, equal and lower tier - what if they are sparring with a friend?]
Strengths: [What are your character's strengths in combat?]
Weaknesses: [What are your character's weaknesses in combat?]
Ability Name: [Characters are allowed 1-2 personal abilities.]
Ability Description: [These can be combat oriented or roleplay oriented.]

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Sealed Appearance: [What does your Zanpakuto look like sealed]
Zanpakutou Name: [What is the name of your Zanpakutou?]
Call Out Command: [What do you have to say to activate your shikai]

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Appearance: [What does your shikai look like]
Abilities: [What powers do you gain]

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New Name: [What's your zanpakuto's new name? Ex: Tensa Zangetsu, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, etc.]
Appearance: [What does your bankai look like? Character appearance changes, weapon changes, etc.]
Abilities: [What abilities does your character gain]

New Name: [What's your zanpakuto's new name?]
Appearance: [What does your bankai look like? Character appearance changes, weapon changes, etc.]
Abilities: [What abilities does your character gain]

History: [Optional]
Side Notes: [Anything you didn't say up above that's relevant to your character goes here.]
Roleplay Sample: [Optional]


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